Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pain is not your problem!

I have people come in and see me all the time and tell me how much pain they are in. Sad facts are that people are only motivated by pain. It is like the warning light on your car that is telling you that there is a problem you need to address.

The thing with pain is that it is the last thing to show up and the first thing to go away. Which is great if you only want to take care of the symptoms, but not great if you want to correct the cause of the problem.

Plain and simple medical doctors want you to be not sick, they treat the symptoms. Your chiropractor wants you to be healthy, they find and correct the cause. Would you rather be healthy or just not sick? Would you rather be pretty or just not ugly? Would you rather be smart or just not dumb? I think you get it.

So believe me when I tell you that pain is not your problem. I love people that come in for just pain relief! They come in get better, and then come back. It is a cycle that just continues. These are the people that pay my bills. Those that come in get better, keep coming but coming less often, follow reccommendations, do home care instructions, and bring their friends and family to experience what they did, get the best results, in the least amount of time and at the least amount of cost.

The choice is yours, I only tell you what you need, you make the decision on your health. But remember this Pain Is Not Your Problem!!

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