Monday, November 23, 2009

What is the deal with multi level marketing?

Did you ever wonder why there are so many multi level marketing companies? Did you ever wonder why they come and go, 3 months they are here and then they are gone and another one is out?
Well here is the deal. People come out with a synthetic isolated nutrient, or some food that nobody eats like the goji berry, or the acai berry. They package it up, mass market it, and give incentives to people to go sell it.
Why does this work? Because if you take a sick human, let's call it an American, and you put any little bit of nutrition into the system you are going to have a positive response. This is why they have all those reports and studies that say all these wonderful things. If you fed that American say an apple, or some carrots you would have the exact same response.
So most companies build it all up, sell a bunch of product and then are gone in a few months having made a bundle of money. Another thing that I have come across is the fact that many of the people that make money go out and start their own MLM company.
I know this because people try to sell it to me every day. They come in and spread the studies over my desk and think that I care. They introduce me to this guy or that. I don't buy it.
I want people to just eat good food, drink water, exercise, get plenty of rest, get their spines adjusted, and relax with friends and family. Those are the keys to health.

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