Monday, November 23, 2009

Where do you get your advice on YOUR health?

I often encounter people coming in and they have all these wild ideas about health and the next best thing. It is usually the case that they were searching for stuff on the internet or they went to the health food store and talked to a clerk that gave them all this great info.
Let's face it folks anyone can post anything on the internet about anything so consider the source. Is it credible. Are they educated. Did they give you references to go check. Did you check the references?
When considering taking the advice from a clerk at a health food store consider this. They usually make minumum wage, they are probably not studying nutrition, they are usually in high school or college, in most cases are actually practicing medicine without a license.
Many people get advice on health from their medical doctors. Here is a fun exercise. Go to ANY medical school website and look up the course load, look especially how many hours of training they have in nutrition. You will be shocked to find that most have 0-2 hours. AND in most cases it is an elective.
So please folks get your advice from a qualified health care professional. Anyone can sell you something and make great claims it will work. Consult someone with experience that gets results.

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