Thursday, January 14, 2010

Staying on the wagon

Do you find yourself slipping off already from your new years resolution? News flash it is only the second week of the year. You need some help. Why succumb to the cliche that everyone gets on the bandwagon to lose weight, or quit smoking, or swears off chocolate, etc... Only to be in the second week and you cheated and are about to downward spiral.
Well don't be that guy. In order for you to accomplish a goal you must first think about what you want to do. Write it down so it exists. Next what are the action steps that you will have to do in order to accomplish this goal? Write it down. Get some help. The most successful people all have coaches and support teams behind them. Having someone there to push you, that is counting on you to perform and succeed helps them as well. If nobody holds you accountable it is really easy to just sit back on the couch instead of get to the gym. It is much easier to hit the snooze that get up and get going.
So if you are someone who is lost and needs guidance or if you are starting to slip, call us! We help all sorts of people accomplish their goals, (health and life). We are all in this together. Let's make 2010 a great year!


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