Friday, January 14, 2011

What is wrong with all these sick people?

Why are all you people sick out there? Don't you know how to prevent the hostile takeover in your body? Well it is very simple. Get your immune system functioning again at a high level.
#1 Get adjusted on a regular basis. This instantly boosts immune function and gets your nervous system working better.
#2 Send me $34 to eroach@roachchiro through Paypal. I will send you a supplement called congaplex that will crank up the immune system and you will be better before you know it. You can't buy it in any store.
#3 Drink more water. Keeping well hydrated helps every aspect of your health.
#4 Get some rest. Today we are bombarded by radio waves, cell signals, emails, texts, social media, etc... This wears our bodies down. Take a break and get some rest.

These simple things will get you back on track in a hurry. Please follow us for more tips.